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Lifestyle photos are your best opportunity to develop your brand identity and to help your potential customer envision the type of lifestyle that they could have If only they’ll buy your awesome product. It takes your product out of the of white nothingness, and releases it out into the real world, showing off its features, use-cases, and fulfilling the product’s destiny. You have many reasons to add lifestyle photos to your listings such as lifestyle photos are more trustworthy, they are far more realistic, engaging. And by some estimates, it can increase the sell-by 60% over traditional product photos.


It’s important to understand the client’s style and exactly what types of product photography are needed! Creating Lifestyle images of a product is quite different from regular white or black background photos. Every brand has its own style of shooting. In fact, actual lifestyle photography can be complex sometimes! It needs preparation and planning, picking the location, making, purchasing or selecting the props, product setup, sometimes models are involved, and so on… In order to proceed, first, we will communicate with you to get to know about your brand, come up with ideas, and discuss options to achieve the best possible results.


Composite lifestyle photos are of high quality and affordable alternative to an actual lifestyle photoshoot. Many E-Commerce businesses including Amazon sellers would like to go with the lifestyle composite images to save time and avoid the production cost of the actual lifestyle photos.

We will photograph products and photoshop them into different existing photos that we can purchase on stock sites. Each product is photographed uniquely to match the camera angle and the lighting of the stock photo and then, it will be retouched into the scene professionally. We are experts in creating these types of photos and most people can not differentiate these photos from the actual lifestyle pictures.   We make sure to get a clear view of your product, showing off the most important and desirable angles while the product is easily recognized as the feature and focus of the picture. we also consider other important factors such as Which other products are related to your items, Who are the potential buyers of your product, where and how your product will be used, which location is suitable for your kind of product. 

Product LifeStyle 

$245 _ 295

Per Photo

Advanced Retouching

Print Optimized Photos



Also Included
Fast Turnaround

You will receive your proofs in usually 7 days or less. ( holidays and weekends are excluded) For 2-3 days rush orders, additional charges may apply. Please contact us for details and confirm the current lead times.

Full Copy-write

Full Copyright is included with all your white background product photos.

High-Res Images

All products are shot using professional-grade digital photography equipment at a resolution of up to 36.3 MP (7360 x 4912 pixels) pre-cropped. Unlike most studios, we never charge more for your 300 (PPI/DPI) high-resolution files. These files will be large enough for virtually all print mediums and advertising formats.

Free Retouching

Most products only require basic retouching which we do free of charge (color-proofing, contrast, and level correction, sharpening, basic cleaning minor dust, scratches). We do offer an advanced retouching service as well to straighten crooked labels, fix packaging flaws, or any other custom retouching need. If we feel your products would benefit from additional retouching we will contact you and upon your approval, we will provide you with an estimate.

Prep & Repacking

As soon as your product arrives we carefully unpack and inspect each item. All items are then prepared to be photographed by using lint & dust removing clothes, special anti-static brushes, and compressed air. Clothing is ironed or steamed, and lint is removed. For jewelry, we use special polishing cloths to ensure each one of your products looks their best. Once the shoot is complete we carefully pack up each item for return or donation if that’s what you requested

Free Online Delivery

After your photoshoot is completed, you will be provided with a link to your private online gallery to view the proofs and download your finished photos.

Add Ons
2-3 Business Day Rush

Please contact us and ask us about our availability and pricing.

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