You can message by going to our contact page or you can call us via (404) 590 1590 Mon-Fri 10:00 Am to 6 Pm.
To gain your trust we have a simple 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Program. Per your request, we will provide you with a sample shot of one of the products. If you are not fully satisfied and we can not meet your complete satisfaction! we will refund your payments. No files will be delivered and you will incur no charges, except for return shipping if requested. Group Photos are excluded.
1- You can drop off your products at the ARMANKO PHOTOGRAPHY Studio (1280 Spalding DR. sandy Springs GA. 30350 ) 2- You can ship your items to us. We recommend UPS or FedEx. We recommend not shipping via USPS. At the time of this writing, USPS does not offer sufficient tracking or redelivery capabilities and may deliver after hours. Make sure to provide us with a tracking number once you ship your items to us.
1- We will set up a phone call, Skype chat or a one on one meeting to discuss the details of your project. 2- We will email your contract to you which you can sign electronically. That is included the estimated turnaround time and the cost of your project. 3- Upon receiving your products, we will email your electronic invoice to you. To proceed, your payment is required. We accept all the major Credit and Debit cards, cash or valid checks. For smaller projects, to proceed quicker, we can also set up a meeting so you come to the studio, we estimate your project, you drop off your products and pay in person via a debit/credit card, check or cash. For larger projects, we might be able to come to your location to estimate the project as well.
If you are a first-time client, per your request, we will provide you with a sample shot from one of your products. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the shoot, If you do not approve, we will refund your money. No files will be delivered and you will incur no charges, except for return shipping if requested. Group Photos are excluded. If you are not a first time client, Still you have the option to cancel your order with no cancelation fee. That applies before we have your payment/s received. If your payment has been received and then you decide to cancel your order, a fee of $350 may apply. This goes to cover the time we spent on your photo shoot, prepare your invoice, studio setup, preparing your package/packages, shipping labor and ...
It is usually 7 business days or less for every 100 images, excluding holidays. Order turnaround time is calculated from the time when we receive your products and payment.
In ARMANKO PHOTOGRAPHY We shoot high-quality studio images of nearly all kind of products including but not limited to Jewelry, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Health & Beauty products, Electronics & Computers, Grocery & Household products, Apparel, and different types of Accessories, Spin images on a white, black and transparent background.
You own the copyright of all your purchased finished photos. the copyrights are released to you and you are allowed to use your images however you want. for print, web, media and etc. with no restriction.
We will deliver your finished images to you via a download link. You have two weeks to download the images before they being removed from our cloud storage.
Once the shoot is complete we carefully pack up each item for return or donation. There are 4 options you can choose from: 1- You can pick up your products from the studio ( Armanko Photography1280 Spalding Dr. Sandy Springs GA. 30350) or We can donate your items per your request. If shipping back is requested, You can provide us a prepaid return label or we can include the cost of return shipping in your invoice. Note: Due to our limited storage space we cannot keep your products for more than one week.
If we have made a mistake, we will reshoot or edit the image/ images to make them perfect, for no additional fee. but If you want us to reshoot the product/ products due to a mistake that you have made in the Order Form or for other reasons, you may have to pay an additional fee. ( not higher than what you paid for the other images in your order. We accept re-shoot requests by email within 24 business hours from the time that we have delivered the photos/proofs to you.
The charge for each added image will be the same as the other images in your order and your new images will be added to your existing order.
We offer free group arrangement for up to 2 items in the image. (Exceptions may apply) If you have more than 2 items in a group, please contact us for a quote. All groups, when set up, need to be less than 2 feet in size in order to fall under our standard pricing. If larger please call us for oversize rates.
Products are shot using professional grade digital photography equipment at a resolution of up to 36.3 MP (7360 x 4912 pixels) before being cropped. By default, the images will be delivered to you in a 1:1 aspect ratio/square in JPG format. You can also request your photos to be delivered in other formats such as JPG. GIF or TIFF. depends on your purchased package you may or may not pay for the print resolution (300 DPI) photos. The print resolution photos will be large enough for virtually all print mediums and advertising formats.
yes! Even with extensive product preparation and custom lighting setups for each product, there will often be the need for basic retouching to remove product flaws, dust, marks, or to adjust a reflection. Most products only require basic retouching which we do free of charge. For products that need more extensive retouching work, we also offer advanced retouching services for an additional charge to straighten crooked labels, fix packaging flaws, or any other custom retouching need. If we feel your products would benefit from additional retouching we will contact you for approval and If want to we will provide you with an estimate.
No! however, there is a minimum charge of $200 for every order. if you have more images in your order, the price of each image will be lower compared to if you have a smaller order! Please check our price list in our "SERVICES AND PRICING" page.
Yes. But rush orders will receive an additional charge! You should contact us first so we provide you with a custom quote. Rush orders are not accepted for orders with more than 100 Images and sometimes depend on our availability we may not be able to accept rush orders. Please ask us about our availability first. If you place a rush order you will not be charged extra for the number of images that are not delivered within the 3 days time frame.
After you confirmed the proofs, we will finalize the photos. Then, we will upload your images to our cloud storage and provide you with a link to download the finished photos
Upon receiving your products, you will receive your electronic invoice. To proceed, your payment is required. We accept all the major Credit and Debit cards, cash or valid checks.

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