"I believe Photography is the purest form of art that captures reflections of shapes, forms, feelings, and motion and encapsulates all into a harmonious dance of color in a snap of time."

Dean K

I founded ARMANKO PHOTOGRAPHY to assist wholesalers and retailers by providing personalized services while bringing their products to life with beautiful imagery. I believe the goal of advertising and commercial photography is to present an idea with so much creativity and in such a compelling manner that it changes minds and creates a call to action. With more than 17 years of experience, I am confident in my work and I personally ensure that the process is simple and frustration-free, from easy ordering to fast delivery of ready-to-use high-definition images!

I find my skills in photography, graphic design, music and martial arts. I realized having multiple interests in different forms of art, have helped me to become more diverse in my understanding of challenges of my assignments.

I am based in Atlanta, GA but depends on my availability, I do travel occasionally as well.