ARMANKO PHOTOGRAPHY is a product photography company based in Atlanta that works with clientele around the US to produce clean and vibrant images for eCommerce websites and Amazon listings. Our pricing structure is easy to understand, with competitive rates. The owner Arman’s talent for displaying products with superior aesthetic appeal makes him one of the most in-demand product photographers, with thousands of images prominently featured on websites, magazines, catalogs, and online marketplaces.

Choosing ARMANKO PHOTOGRAPHY  for your business

Our work stands out among other product photography studios as being cleaner, with improved lighting and context. We do not treat product photography as a commodity, where all products are placed on the same table, lit the same, angled the same and ultimately look the same.

It’s important that your product photos stand out among competitors, rather than just copying the same angles and concepts over and over again. Each project that we photograph is individually lit and styled for unique results. It’s one of the reasons why ARMANKO PHOTOGRAPHY is one of the leading e-Commerce/Amazon product photography studios in the nation.


Included with every order

  • Pure White/Gray or Black Background – Specified number of product images on pure white, gray or black background, with natural shadows or reflection as appropriate.
  • Free Group Shots (up to 2 items) – Include multiple products or accessories or sets in one shot – up to Two items per image. Group shots of Five or more items also available.
  • Retouching – Every photo is lightly retouched to remove minor blemishes (dust, small scratches) and adjust color and contrast as needed. Advanced retouching also available.
  • High-Resolution Images – All shots are delivered in 2400px x 2400px resolution at 300 and 72 dpi, meeting all e-commerce standards for high-quality visibility.
  • Online Image Delivery – Your retouched, high-resolution images are uploaded to a viewing gallery for you to immediately download and start converting inquiries into sales.
  • Quick Turnaround – Orders of up to 49 photos are delivered online within 7 business days of finalizing the contract and receiving your products at our Atlanta studio. Orders of 50+ photos may take a little longer. Rush delivery also available.
  • Commercial Web Licensing – Images are licensed for immediate use on your company’s website and e-commerce listings.

Optional add-ons

  • Oversized Images: $20/image – Products (or groups of products) larger than 24” on any side require special handling.
  • Group Shots (5 or more items): $12/image – Group shots of 5 or more items require additional set-up time and lighting considerations.
  • Advanced Retouching: personalized pricing – We ask that your products be delivered in photo-ready condition, but we can provide advanced retouching to repair deep scratches and scuffs or other imperfections.
  • Transparent Clipping Paths: $7/image – We will make the backgrounds of your shots transparent, so your products can be shown against any background without the white around it. These images are delivered in a layered TIFF format – you decide when to use the white background and when to use the transparent background.
  • 3-Day Rush Delivery: $8/image – Your product photos will be shot, retouched, and delivered online within 3 days of finalizing your contract AND receiving your products at the studio. This option is subject to availability at our discretion.